Star Wars Group was started because I was finding it difficult to keep track of all the best Star Wars related information I have found on the web. I wanted somewhere to keep a record of all the great information I had found about Star wars, whether its pictures, clips, articles, or interesting facts.

I like many of you became addicted after watching the original movies back in the day. I forgot all about star wars when I was growing up for a while and then one day I got the bug again. Remembering all the things that were great back in the day.

In 2005 I started to collect all the vintage star wars action figures again (as my original collection had been lost in time), and to this day I am still a collector (A re-born Star Wars Geek), but proud. But because of this I have started to get more interested in the whole Star Wars area. I am interested to see how Star Wars has affected peoples lives be it good or bad.

The original Star Wars movie  (Episode 4 – A new hope) came out in 1977 but the Star Wars era continues today, you just have to look at all the new Star Wars PC / console games that have come out recently.

I am opening up this website to everything and anything Star Wars related.

  • Show your Funny Star Wars pictures or clips.
  • Post your interesting facts.
  • Ask questions about the Star Wars movies.
  • Post information about new Star Wars games that are being released.
  • Post or ask information about newly released modern toys.
  • Post or ask questions about vintage star wars toys.
  • Post interesting information about any star wars memorabilia

I hope you will find this website useful and fun to use.

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