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Do you want your advert to appear on our website for all our visitors to see? Do you want to target people interested in Star Wars?

Star Wars Group is able to offer you a selection of advertising deals, whether that is exclusive or shared advertising. Below are a list of the advertising deals we offer:

  • Banner Adverts at the left or right of every page on the website. If you do not have any banner adverts available for your website we recommend that you use Easy Banner Creator ┬áto easily and quickly create professional quality banners.
  • Review (Sponsored) Posts are available if you are interested in us writing a blog post on the topic of your choice. Alternatively we can also review a product or website that you suppy for our readers with links to your site in the post.
  • Guest Post are available if you want to publish your content on our site. We do reserve the right to refuse to publish any material that we feel will be detrimental to our professional image.

To discuss any of the advertising options above please contact Rob at



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