Clone troopers

Clone troopers are Republic soldires, the main combat unit in the Grand Army of the Republic. Troopers  wore special armor, underwent special training and were used in the fight against the separatists.

Clone Wars is one of the highlights of star wars. Order 66 finished the history of the Republic and determined the fate of the cloned troopers.

Lego clone troopers 

Phase 1 and 2 orange elite troopets 666th Elite Legion:

Lego clone troopers minifigures

I love these clones, their troops are very extensive and diverse, many tactical units and military equipment.

According to the plot, the army of the Empire became the heir to the army of clones of the Republic. Clone troopers of various units and divisions:

The clone veteran CT-7567 commander Rex:

Clone Marshal Commander Cody unfortunately executed order 66:

White-green clone trooper:

Clone troopers and Jedis:

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