Lor San Tekka

He never believed in the lie of Emperor Palpatine, who declared the Jedi traitors. In the era of the Empire, San Tekka became a follower of Church of the Force, an underground faith, the followers of which adhered to the ideals of the Jedi, despite the fact that they themselves could not use the Force. San Tekka knew most of the history of the Jedi Knights that the Empire was trying to bury, with the result that many were looking for him for knowing the Jedi secrets.

Lor San Tekka:

Lor San Tekka lego Star Wars

Kylo Ren and stormtroopers:

Kylo Ren and stormtroopers

Lor San Tekka and Kylo Ren:

Lor San Tekka and Kylo Ren:

A follower of the dark side, Kylo Ren killed him with his lightsaber.


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